Wondering how an APSE conference or

workshop would be beneficial for you?

Here are just a few of the reasons you should attend an APSE Event:

  • APSE’s national conference is the ONLY national conference focused on integrated employment for people with disabilities.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of passionate and like-minded individuals focused on advancing the Employment First cause.
  • In 100+ breakout sessions, you can learn about innovative programs and other actionable items to take back to your organization.

What do others have to say about attending an APSE conference...?

"Attending the National APSE conference gives you an opportunity to network with others around the county who are working to support Employment First and full inclusion in communities. It is great time to learn and share innovative approaches that you can take back and implement in your community. There are a variety of presentation tracks that meet a variety of personal and professional interests. I personally have enjoyed the Students and Families for APSE pre-session as it promotes self-advocacy and inclusive employment opportunities for transition aged students." - Heather Lindsey

“Why do I go to the National APSE Conference? Being able to hear thought provoking keynote speakers like Stephn Shedletzky, Start with Why who we met in Cincinnati, keeps me invigorated and excited to try new ideas. Experiencing the enthusiasm people bring to their session presentations keeps me an engaged learner. Networking with friends from across the country with a common vision and hearing the success stories of individuals working is the inspiration that keeps me going in this challenging work."  - Tara Asai

"The APSE Conference is a fabulous way to connect with others in the field, gain lots  of new information, pick up new ideas and leave inspired to better support people to find great jobs. It’s always interesting to learn how things work in other states and to be able to bring those ideas home.” - Katie Wolf Whaley

"I look forward to the APSE National Conference each year because it’s nice to meet people from all over the USA who share my passion for Employment First. As an individual with a disability who has been employed for over 36 years, I know that competitive and integrated employment works and makes a big difference in a person’s quality of life. The APSE National Conference helps me learn new things that I can then bring back to Alaska to grow our chapter and our work in advancing real jobs and real wages for individuals with disabilities.” - Lucy Odden

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