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Benefits of CESP™ Certification

Who benefits from certification?  The CESP certification program was created in response to increasing demand for a system to identify trained, experienced employment support professionals. CESP certification has many benefits for both programs and professionals. For professionals: -	Certifies your competency in the full array of skills needed to assist individuals to succeed in employment -	Opens the door for increased income opportunities -	Your certification is portable, meaning it is valid across all states. It can open the door to job options. For service providers: -	Communicates to funding agencies that your staff are competent in best practices -	Feel confident your staff are using best practices -	Use as a tool for succession and leadership planning For employers: -	Have help hiring talented employees that are a fit for your company culture and needs -	Receive specialized support for job acquisition and retention of diverse employees -	Feel confident that professionals have your business interests in mind Why the CESP? You have special benefits, including receiving specialized CESP content, publications, and access to a nationwide network of professionals. You can establish yourself as a professional in the field and build a career. The content is validated based on a comprehensive job analysis of nationwide professionals.