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Employment First Fact Sheets

Employment First – A Guide for Self-Advocates and Families (October 2014)

This easy-to-use guide to advocating for Employment First was adapted from the APSE Legislative Toolkit. Thanks to Eric Matthes, President of People First of Washington for his assistance in creating this resource. The links within the document will take you to publications and resources to help you develop better advocacy strategies to make Employment First a reality!

Employment First – A Guide for Advocates

Top 10 Myths & Facts of Social Security Benefits and Work! (October 2014)

Please take a look at this resource developed by Creative Employment Opportunities, Inc. (CEO), which includes a few quick facts and important myths about the impact working can have on Social Security benefits.

Please know: Benefits are important and it is important to know as much as you can about your specific situation. The best way to learn is to receive individualized benefits counseling.

Top 10 Myths of Social Security Benefits

Employment First Infographic – Employment First Across the Nation (September 2014)

Are you interested in learning more about Employment First policy developments? Please view and share the infographic below to see formal policy actions over time and see how your state compares to those across the nation!

Employment First Infographic