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Do you believe that individuals with disabilities deserve meaningful work and full membership in their communities? So do we.

The Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) is devoted to meaningful employment and career advancement for people with disabilities. Our movement is the Employment First movement, and we’ve been working for decades to secure fully-integrated roles in the workplace for people with disabilities.

APSE is the only national organization devoted to Employment First. Being an APSE member means access to the best of all worlds – a national-level advocacy organization offering best practices and world-class resources – and a local-level community, with thirty-eight (and counting!) state chapters and regional institutes to complement our renowned national conference.

Whether you’re an employer interested in accessing the large and talented labor pool of people with disabilities, a support professional transitioning individuals with disabilities to integrated employment , an educator, an individual with disabilities, or a family member, you have a place in the APSE community.

Top Five Reasons to Join APSE…

  1. Take a Stand:  Join an exciting and growing national movement advancing equitable employment for individuals with disabilities.
  2. Make a Difference:  Self advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities to meaningful employment and competitive salaries.
  3. Effect Change:  Play your part in creating change in public policy to ensure equitable employment for individuals with disabilities.
  4. Learn from Others:  Join a growing network of like-minded, forward thinking people concerned about equitable employment for individuals with disabilities.
  5. Stay on the Cutting Edge:  Access state-of-the-art concepts and practices in expanding equitable employment for individuals with disabilities.

Find the membership type that’s right for you.

Join APSE now and become an integral part of a national organization connecting the disability and business communities.

Are you a student? APSE offer’s a special membership rate for transition-aged students.