Policy Committee

APSE Staff assigned: Julie Christensen
Chair: Duane Shumate, David Hoff

Purpose: To provide support and guidance to APSE National staff (Policy Director, ED, and others) in a manner that positions APSE as THE EmploymentFirst public policy leader. To share knowledge and update members of what is happening with policies related to employment for people with disabilities, both at a National and state level. To provide material support and contribution toward fulfilling APSE’s strategic goals and objectives. To speak as one voice of APSE.

  1. Provide direction to APSE Advocates as a work group,
    1. APSE Advocates Work Group:
    2. What is happening now and allow work group to take action steps.
    3. For a variety of audiences, generate and/or revise a policy tool kit, training, fact sheets, and other resources that state chapters can use quickly.
    4. Develop strategic responses to WIOA regulations to be approved by Executive Director.
    5. In collaboration with APSE staff and with approval from the ED; develop other collateral materials that support fulfillment of APSE’s strategic goals and objectives.
  2. Provide written reports monthly to the APSE Board of Directors.
  3. Ensure compliance with all APSE bylaws, policies and procedures.

Professional Development Committee

APSE Staff assigned: Erica Belois-Pacer
Chair: Ryan Aldrich

Purpose: To guide and provide feedback to the Professional Development Director as professional development is researched and designed in order to build capacity in the EmploymentFirst field and support the fulfillment of APSE’s strategic plan.

  1. To guide professional development content creation in partnership with the Professional Development Director for APSE members and others.
  2. Provide research for content development.
  3. Design training program for professionals.
  4. Provide written reports monthly to the APSE board of directors.
  5. Ensure compliance with all APSE bylaws, policies and procedures.
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Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC)

APSE Staff Assigned:  Kari Tietjen, Certification Director
Chair: Terri Nelles, email:

Purpose: The ESPCC serves as an independent and autonomous committee within APSE and is solely responsible for all essential decisions related to the development, administration, and ongoing maintenance of the CESP™ certification program.

  1. Establishing the policies and procedures for granting and maintaining certification, including eligibility and recertification requirements.
  2. Providing oversight to any committees as needed (Current committees: Quality Assurance, Recertification, Development)

ESPCC members, as individuals, have no authority over CESP™ certification program matters, except as authorized by action of the ESPCC.