ACRE, APSE, and CESP: Competency and State Guidelines

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Presenters from both APSE and the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators ( led a 90-minute presentation and discussion about ACRE, APSE, and CESP on March 11, 2021.

Watch the recorded presentation in Zoom here:

Access slides by clicking here.

Topics covered include:

  • What are ACRE training and the CESP credential?
  • What state requirements are there for employment support professionals?
  • How can states implement competency-based requirements being thoughtful about potential impact? We’ll cover the tool “State Guidelines for Employment Services Personnel Training Certificates or Certification” – download it here
  • How can these tools be used to develop employment support professionals into a career and enhance the skills?
  • How can states better competency-based address issues, like scope, capacity, financial resources, timelines for implementation, and more

This is a helpful discussion for state agencies (Vocational Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Education, etc) for consideration of what competencies and requirements there are available for employment support professionals.

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