**ONLY through Monday, May 3rd (DEADLINE EXTENDED), so we're asking you to act fast!**

APSE joins the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the Women's Bureau in asking you to share your ideas!

Why is APSE suggesting you join in on this online dialogue?

  • APSE values the importance of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Employment First. Employment for All means we must recognize the difference in the experience of people of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds.
  • We are driving APSE members to use their voice to help inform this discussion. APSE members are doing the work directly and should provide input to help inform our work to remove barriers to opportunities for people with disabilities and ensure access to good jobs.
  • APSE will leverage this as an opportunity to gather data and get a sense of who is served and who is underserved. This is an opportunity to use the online forum to get it!

What should your comment include?

If you are a direct employment professional or agency, working with employers and people with disabilities:

  • What do the caseloads you're working with look like? Are there people of color served? Does it match the overall demographics of the area served?
  • What do employers encounter when considering hiring people of color who experience disabilities? What has been your experience in supporting individuals with varying racial identities?
  • What are the barriers to people of color/disabilities being served?
  • What are the barriers to providers reaching out?

If you are a researcher, comment on what the research says! What has your research focused on and where does there need to be more?

If you are an APSE Chapter Leader, think about your membership roster in the state. Who is engaged in the work around #EmploymentFirst? Who is missing around the table?



How to Leave your Message

If you provided input on 14(c) in 2019 (during the St. Louis conference) it's the same online system!
Here's how to access it. Idea Scale will ask you to either register, or login (if you've registered already).
Once logged in, click "Join this community" at the top left. You can then leave a comment or "Submit New Idea" under one of 4 topical areas. Review ideas to "upvote" or make them more popular. See the images below for the 4 topic areas or go to the website.