Alert: The Senate Returns and Needs to Hear From You!


Last week, the House and Senate both returned for a two week work session before the election. We need to urge them to take action on the Disability Treaty (CRPD) before September 23rd or 24th, while the Senate is in session.

We are asking for you to let YOUR Senator know the CRPD needs to be ratified NOW, before the end of September!

Tell them we will NOT WAIT any longer: The time is NOW!!

Visit to take action!

crpd action alert

You can also take action on social media!

  • Make a sign – it can be a simple piece of paper. Write down that you support CRPD and (if applicable) why. If you have a personal story, use it! (Example: I support CRPD because I want my sister with a disability to be able to travel abroad!)
  • Take a picture of yourself holding up the sign.
  • Tweet or Facebook the picture (along with one of the sample tweets below) using the hashtag #CRPD. You can tweet at your Senator as well, find their Twitter IDs at:

Sample Tweets:

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