Alert: Senator Harkin Needs Your Help in October!

Support It!

We need your help in October!

On Wednesday, Senator Harkin went onto the Senate floor to ask for a vote for the Disability Treaty.

Unfortunately, he was opposed by Senator Mike Lee of Utah, and a vote was not taken.

The Senate recesses THIS Friday, and will return November 12th — for the FINAL session of the year. We need your help to ensure CRPD receives a vote upon the Senate’s return!

From now on, if Senators are not willing to commit to supporting the treaty, but are not willing to state specific concerns and work to resolve them with new RUD language, then we must count them as opposed to the Treaty!

The opposition continues to generate calls, and your Senators need to hear from you THROUGHOUT the recess that the community supports this issue.

CALL often and spread the word!  Attend town halls and candidate forums!

Tell them we will NOT WAIT any longer:

The time is NOW!!

Visit to take action!


ADAPT visiting Senator Boozman’s office in Arkansas to advocate for the CRPD. (Photo Credit: USICD)

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