Meet Angela (Ohio)!

Picture of me APSE 30th Annual National ConferenceI am an employment supports provider as a Program Manager of Buckeye Community Services Employment First. I am a certified employment support professional overseeing employment first staff and clients. I also work with staff in our Adult Dayhab program and teach an advocacy group.

Creating partnerships with local employers has allowed me to understand their needs and fill the demand by introducing eager applicants. It is my goal to be a bridge between the employer and the employee transitioning out when I feel both are confident in their role as an employer and employee. Natural supports in and out of the workplace are beneficial for the clients I serve. Natural supports play an important role in employment support from transportation to emotional support.

Employment First matters to me because I have been able to see the difference in clients employed in integrated community settings has made. I have many clients that have been working at the same establishment for several years. It is a great feeling to see how proud a client is to be employed, reach their goals and become more independent.

NDEAM poster 2021.
El cartel es de forma rectangular con un fondo de color óxido intenso. Una representación en color crema de los Estados Unidos y sus territorios se extienden a lo largo del cartel y está cubierta con ilustraciones de personas de diversas razas, tamaños y discapacidades con trajes coloridos. Escrito en negro en el centro del mapa está el tema de NDEAM 2021, America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion. Bajo el tema en letras más pequeñas están las palabras Mes de Concientización Nacional del Empleo de Personas con Discapacidades. A lo largo de la parte inferior (de izquierda a derecha) está el logotipo de DOL, seguido del logotipo de ODEP, seguido de las palabras Office of Disability Employment Policy United States Department of Labor. En la esquina inferior derecha está el sitio web de ODEP,, con el hashtagNDEAM debajo.

Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month!






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