Join Us in Welcoming The Newly Elected
2022 National APSE Board of Directors

As President of the Board of Directors, I wish to thank the committed and knowledgeable members of APSE who generously answered our call to run for a national leadership position. We humbly acknowledge it is a “big ask” when you invite busy, stretched people to voluntarily take into their lives still more responsibility. At this time, in the context of our collective point in history, the ask seemed even bigger.

So thank you again to the nominees who ran this year: we are grateful for your willingness to share time, energy, effort, and personal resources in advancing employment first at the national level. Your willingness is a reflection of your passion for the work. Thank you, too, members who took the time to read the nominee information, distill it, and vote the slate you discerned best met the organization's needs.

Please join us in congratulating, celebrating, and welcoming the newly-elected National APSE Board of Directors members. They will be starting their three-year terms of office when they enter the rest of the Board members in Colorado at the June planning event, held just before the national conference.

With great optimism, I look forward to many of us networking with them and each other in person at the national conference; until then, please congratulate and welcome the 2022 members of the National Board:

Gwendolyn Brown (Alabama), Maya Cox (Indiana), Jan Dougherty (Ohio), Marianne Durant (New York), Jaimie Laitinen (Washington), and Nicholas Love (Arizona).


Margaret T. Gilbride
National APSE Board President

At-Large Winners

Maya Cox, Indiana

Cox headshot portrait

Nicholas Love, Arizona


Gwendolyn Brown, Alabama


Marianne Durrant, New York


Regional Delegate Winners

Jan Dougherty, Midwest Regional Delegate, Ohio

Jan Dougherty photo

Jaimie Laitinen, Northwest & Pacific Regional Delegate, Washington