APSE Conversations: Equity and Justice

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This podcast is a panel from the 2020 Pacific Northwest Employment Forum from October 1, 2020. Listen to Tara Asai (former OR APSE President) open this conversation between three leaders, Chisa O’Quinn, Wesley Anderson, and Amber Boydston.

This conversation will continue with an APSE Facebook Live event on October 28th!

The 3 panelists who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. October 28th, at 2pm EST. Click to find more.

With the backdrop of the pandemic ripping open the curtain of the many inequities in this country, the Black Lives Matter protestors keep marching daily for justice. Solving these complicated civil rights issues requires bold action. What is our role? What can we do as individuals and organizations?

#EmploymentFirst #RealWorkRealPay

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