APSE Offers a New Tool for Transformation

From Workshops to Workplaces: Achieving the Goals of Employment First

Organizational change…even the phrase sounds daunting. When you shake up the familiar way of doing things to embrace a new direction, you take on a major challenge on multiple levels.

As the Employment First movement expands across our nation, more and more agencies recognize that organizational change is necessary to best serve people with disabilities. Your agency may be one of those that seeks to transform from a congregate service delivery model to integrated and community-based employment services. Congratulations on your commitment to serve. Now, where to get started?

What are the best strategies to shift your business model and build capacity for competitive, integrated community-based jobs?

APSE has heard your call for cost-effective, reliable resources. That’s why we developed our new, comprehensive eLearning course, From Workshops to Workplaces: Achieving the Goals of Employment First.

Change gurus emphasize that one size does not fit all when it comes to a successful transformation. Your agency needs tips and strategies geared to your field. APSE found no other online or in-person learning experience that provides the depth and details necessary. With that in mind, we gathered experts with practical experience in integrated employment and organizational change to provide the latest and best information available.

Our aim is to help you transition from a congregate, prevocational model to focus on community-based jobs. That kind of transformation goes well beyond plans on paper and a new organizational chart. Mindsets must shift right along with established routines and best practices. APSE developed thirteen (13) one-hour modules to help you dig in and tackle change head-on in the most critical areas:


  • Communicate change with all stakeholders–from board members and upper management to direct line staff, people with disabilities, and their caregivers and family members.
  • Build capacity through professional development at every layer of your organization. Help ensure continuity and effective practices as staff adjusts to support competitive integrated employment.


  • Develop funding strategies to support your organization using new sources.
  • Address financial stability during various phases of transformation.
  • Cultivate financial literacy based on your new operations.


  • Learn community-based job coaching and job development techniques to reach out to employers and convey the value of integrated employment.
  • Foster strong relationships and direct communication among people with disabilities, their colleagues, and their employers using appropriate technologies.

From Workshops to Workplaces  also covers business strategic planning, legacy real estate planning, informed choice and employment, wrap-around services, and more.

Change management is tough. But it’s doable with determination and the right resources. APSE offers From Workshops to Workplaces as one more way to fulfill the mission that drives us:

“People with all types of disabilities are employed, pursuing careers and building assets just like people without disabilities.”

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