APSE Podcast: COVID-19 Survey Updates

Microphone with APSE logo. The podcast.

Listen in to the Iowa Coalition for Integrated Employment, where APSE Interim Executive Director and Director of Policy and Advocacy Julie Christensen provides updates about employment, the impact of COVID-19, and where the federal landscape is.

A call to action is shared! Plus hear from Bill Stumpf, parent and advocate sharing his experience and bringing up perspective of providers.

During the last 12 months, APSE has convened three national surveys on the impact of COVID-19 on disability employment services and outcomes. A summary of findings was compiled and sent to Capitol Hill as part of our ongoing advocacy efforts around COVID-19 relief.

Transcript available here

National Apprenticeship Act – includes youth with disabilities in target audience and measurement requirements
HR447: Passed the House (247-173)
No companion Senate bill

“Raise the Wage” Act – phase-out of 14c certificates
HR603: 191 co-sponsors (191-0)
S53: 37 co-sponsors (37-0)

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