Workshops Held Monday-Friday, August 9-13th.

What are the Post-Conference workshops?

☀️ Interactive - meet with presenters and your peers nationwide to share in live learning!

☀️ Put the learning to work right away - we want you to leave ready to implement tools for #EmploymentFirst!

☀️ A great deal! Each course is priced individually at $50 or purchase a bundle of all sessions for $200.

☀️ Each course is three hours - allowing attendees to go more in-depth than a regular conference session or webinar.

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Monday, August 9
1-4 PM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)

The Vocational Fit Assessment

VocFit is a valid and reliable tool to assess job seekers' abilities in 133 areas and helps match them to internships they will learn from and jobs they will thrive in. This quick, 20-minute, web-based assessment is used by over 7,000 employment professionals worldwide. This presentation from the creators of provides you all the skills you need to use to its fullest capacity.

Who should join? Job coaches, job developers, employment managers

Tuesday, August 10
1-4 PM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)

Employment First Leadership in Our Changing World

Interactive discussion of the current environment of employment support services and the leadership skills needed to be more effective. Topics addressed will include communication, innovation, staff development, and peer leadership. This session will be led by Rick McAllister and participants Heather Hagan, Lee Sylvester, and Tiffany Cron in the APSE Emerging Leaders program.

Who should join? CESPs, employment managers/supervisors, job coaches/developers

Wednesday, August 11
1-4 PM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)

ODEP’s State Assessment Tool for Employment First

Listen to a podcast with presenter Karen Lee now

Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) has a new policy product to assist state leaders and advocates of Employment First in evaluating the components essential for successfully increasing capacity to increase competitive integrated employment in their state. This session will cover the 11 topics found in the State Assessment tool for Employment First based which are based on recommendations from the Advisory Council on increasing Competitive Employment for Individuals with Disabilities. Each of the topics will suggest a best practice, an evaluation section, and resources. After the topic is introduced, participants will go through each of the questions in that specific topic. There will be time in the presentation for the participants to practice on the tool, ask questions and work with teammates on reviewing the question.

Who should join? State employment first teams, provider agencies, state partners

Thursday, August 12
1-4 PM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)

The Rhode Island Conversion Story

In this presentation, Kim Einloth and Kie O'Donnell (Co-Presidents of RIAPSE) will share personal and family stories, data, strategies, and lessons learned as Rhode Islanders with disabilities transition from the workshop to the workplace.

Who should join? Managers, Funders, State entities

Friday, August 13
1-4 PM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)

Individual Placement & Support: Successful Strategies

This presentation will introduce Individual Placement & Support (IPS) evidence-based practice and successful strategies for statewide implementation and growth.

Who should join? CESPs, employment managers/ supervisors, job coaches/ developers, state entities

APSE logo. A green 1 behind the "E". Text: Employment First, Employment for All.Open to APSE Members and Non-Members. These Workshop-style events are live only, and will not be recorded. Please request accommodations when registering. No refunds will be given.