Meet Berani (Florida)!

“Berani is extremely happy to be bringing home a respectable paycheck and have many benefits from her employer.”


Berani is employed by the University of North Florida (UNF) with the Physical Facilities Department. She works full-time as a Custodial Worker. During the pandemic, Berani has needed to learn how to use additional cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Her work responsibilities include cleaning and sanitizing offices on the university campus.

Berani has had to show her independence rather quickly because her employer has not allowed any job coaches on campus in order to minimize COVID-19 exposure. Berani has excelled in all areas of her employment without issues.

In Berani’s situation, she has been fortunate to seek employment in an industry that is doing additional hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Berani’s work to clean and sanitize the UNF campus keeps her busy Monday-Friday with cleaning and sanitizing offices. Other Project SEARCH graduates seeking employment in other fields have had challenges achieving employment due to the pandemic.

Berani is a vital part of the success of the UNF community. Without individuals such as Berani doing their work, the campus risks an outbreak and potentially an entire campus shutdown would happen. She is quite possibly saving people’s lives by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Berani in front of a sign that says "Class of 2020" for Project SEARCH.
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