Employment First

Alert: Reid's NCD Appointee Supports Subminimum Wages & Segregation!

APSE is concerned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has appointed Bob Brown to the National Council on Disability (NCD). Mr. Brown is a strong supporter of subminimum wages and…


Employment First Policy approved by the MN Olmstead Sub-Cabinet

Press Release: Employment First Policy approved by the MN Olmstead Sub-Cabinet It is with great pleasure that MN APSE announces the approval of an Employment First Policy by the MN…


APSE's Voice – Final Rules on Minimum Wage

They Listened to Us! On Wednesday, the Labor Department announced the final rule raising the minimum wage for federal contract workers. As many APSE members know, APSE strongly advocated for…


Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order to push Employment First in the State!

On September 17th, New York’s Governor signed an executive order to establish the Employment First Commission, tasked with creating an Employment First policy for New York, which makes competitive, integrated…


US Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Disability and Poverty

On Thursday, September 18th, Senator Harkin held what might be is last disability hearing as a U.S. Senator.


Let CMS Know: Employment in the Community is Important!

CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will soon be issuing guidance regarding how Medicaid funds can be used for employment. It’s very important that CMS hear from you!…

Signing of Employment First

Alaska’s Governor Signs Employment First Legislation


Rhode Island DOJ Settlement

The Department of Justice and State of Rhode Island have reached a “landmark” agreement regarding segregated sheltered workshops and adult day programs. According to the settlement, Rhode Island will provide…


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