CESP™ & State Policy

States at the forefront of Employment First recognize the benefits that Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) Certification brings to employers, people with disabilities, state agencies, and communities. APSE and our chapters continue to assist states as they:

  • Require CESP™ certification through Medicaid waivers and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) requirements,
  • Offer a higher reimbursement rates for employment services for CESP™ certificate holders, and
  • Implement large-scale certification efforts, covering the cost of the exams for those who qualify. 

States Provide Incentives for Certification

South Dakota reimburses service providers who obtain the CESP™ certification and complete a two-day Person- Centered Thinking training. The state’s reimbursement is 25 percent above the current established employment services fee rates through the South Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

In Ohio, the state vocational rehabilitation organization Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) will sponsor more than 550 test takers to sit for the CESP™ certification between 2017 and 2018.

Other states with similar CESP™ requirements through Medicaid waiver or VR include Iowa, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.

Colorado is one of several states working on legislation to make CESP™ a requirement for providers of supported employment services.

Please see our Medicaid section for more information on Medicaid funding of waiver services.


Please email cesp@apse.org if you have questions about CESP™ waivers, reimbursement, testing, or legislation.  APSE staff is available to help you contemplate potential policies and implementation.

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