Post Exam

Receiving Your Score and Certificate

Candidates that sit for the exam through a PSI testing center will receive their results at the conclusion of their examinations, as well as a printed score report. Candidates that would like an additional score report to be sent can request one by emailing

The score report provides the candidate’s overall percentage score, the percentage pass-fail cut score, and the overall pass-fail outcome. Candidates receive sub-score information.  An example of a candidate score report is displayed here.

New CESP™ certificants will receive their certificate electronically via email within 2 weeks of their examination.

Failing Exam Scores

Candidates who fail the exam may re-test at any future exam site. A candidate is limited to taking the exam twice in a 12-month period. A new application and examination fee must be submitted for each exam attempt.

Recertifying Credentials

CESP™ certificants must renew their certification every three years by completing 36 continuing education credits, providing documentation of the credits, submitting a recertification application, and paying the recertification fee of $125. Once approved, the fee covers three additional years of certification.

Certificants become eligible to complete their recertification application up to nine months prior to its date of expiration. The CESP™ recertification application is located online. (Please go to Recertification for more details and read and follow the Requirements for CE Credits.)

Certificants may also elect to sit for the examination again. To learn more about recertification, visit the Recertification page.

Reporting Changes to Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the certificant to ensure the ESPCC has their most up-to-date contact information.  If you’ve had a name, address, email or phone number change, please submit your changes here.

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