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Pre-Approval for CESP Continuing Education (CE) is now available!

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Organizations and training entities providing continuing education may submit their trainings to be pre-approved for CESP Continuing Education (CE) credit.

The Pre-Approval page and application provide full details about the requirements for approval and the submission process.

By submitting an application, you agree to provide confirmation of course completion to each attendee that meets CESP CE Documentation requirements (click here to see full details, including a template certificate).

Benefits to the Trainer:

  • You can market your training opportunity as CESP Pre-approved!
  • Receive a template certificate and/or CESP logo to use in providing documentation to learners.
  • Ensures training aligns with the CESP Content Outline.
  • Make sure in-agency training meets certification requirements for staff.

Benefits to the CESP Credential Holders:

  • Simplifies the recertification process with the documentation provided by trainers that meet CESP recertification requirements.
  • Ensures that training meets the criteria for CESP recertification.
  • Plan your CEs with confidence! Know how many CE credits you will earn from a training opportunity.

Fee for Submission:

Separate applications are required for each training or activity. Applications for Continuing Education Pre-Approval are reviewed (and approved) individually. For example, a webinar series requiring one ticket is considered one event.

Please note: Included in this fee is a non-refundable $20 application fee to cover administrative costs.

Less than 4 hours4-10 Hour Event10+ Hour Event
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Requirements for Continuing Education Credits


APSE Apply Portal:
CE Pre-Approval Page and Application


Article: What counts as a Continuing Education activity?
Article: How Should I Track my Continuing Education (CE) Credits?
Article: For trainers - Pre-Approval Checklist

Should you choose not to go through the Pre-Approval process, please use this resource to best ensure the activity will be accepted for credit. However, trainers cannot market their opportunity as pre-approved for CESP CE credit.

Recertification is mandatory for all credential holders every 3 years.

Credential holders should contact trainers directly for program details and to verify pre-approval status.

Thank you to the Recertification Committee for their work in developing this process!

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