Congratulations, newly certified Professionals!

The following passed the examination and earned the CESP credential during February 2022. View the full CESP Directory online.

Delaware (DE):
James Tobat

Maryland (MD):
Owen Zack
Maurice Chalmus
Cyril Khan
Kenesha Amos
Samantha Seidel

Massachusetts (MA):
Madison Burns
Shawn Massak
Cristina Steensen-Bech

New Mexico (NM):
Rita Turner

New York (NY):
Jeff Pluta

Ohio (OH):
Christy Bennett
Melissa McNeil
Shelby Wyant
Edwin Dryer
John Krebs
Matthew Mino
Cynthia Johnson
Kenneth Kapaun
Jeff Rodgers
James Snow
April Burchett

Texas (TX):
Angeline Holley

Wisconsin (WI):
Elizabeth Oberndorfer

Recertified CESPs: Congratulations on continuing your commitment!

The following are CESPs who successfully recertified their credential in February 2022.

Moving forward we will be sharing those who are approved monthly! CESPs are eligible to recertify during a 10-month period.

California (CA):
Jenysia Miller

Iowa (IA):
Kristin Cote (Certified in 2016)

Maryland (MD):
Randall Kiser
Erica Hunter
Susan Hancocks

Massachusetts (MA):
Jennifer Hinde (Certified in 2013)

New Mexico (NM):
Amy Owens (Certified in 2016)

North Carolina (NC):
Lakecia Cates (Certified in 2016)

Ohio (OH):
Jennifer Ashley (Certified in 2016)
Justin Blumhorst (Certified in 2016)
Lisa Shaffer
Codi Carter
Deb Seevers
Tracy Morris

Oregon (OR):
Samantha Fine
Stacey Galvan (Certified in 2016)
Andrea McGuire (Certified in 2016)
Vanessa Wickham (Certified in 2016)
Kelly Graves (Certified in 2016)

Pennsylvania (PA):
Carrie Ocheskey
Kathleen Lyons

Rhode Island (RI):
Tina Allison

South Dakota (SD):
Carson Krogman
Whitley Heubrock
Margaret Stewart
Bradley Knutson
Pam Junek

Tennessee (TN):
Phillip Garner (Certified in 2016)
Trista Garton
Susan Arwood
Brian Kennedy (Certified in 2016)

Texas (TX):
Christopher McCormack

West Virginia (WV):
Richard Rawlings (Certified in 2016)

The Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) credential recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sufficient level of knowledge and skill to provide integrated employment services to a variety of populations with disabilities.

The CESP™ is accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Accreditation for professional or personnel certification programs provides impartial, third-party validation that the program has met recognized national and international credentialing industry standards for the development, implementation, and maintenance of certification programs.

The CESP’s content validity is demonstrated through a comprehensive job analysis conducted and analyzed by experts, with data gathered from stakeholders in the occupation or industry.

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