Congratulations, newly certified Professionals!

The following passed the examination and earned the CESP credential during October and November 2021. View the full CESP Directory online.

Connecticut (CT):
Michael Adamczyk

Iowa (IA):
Anna Reilly

Kentucky (KY):
Laura Daws

Maryland (MD):
Marguerite Samuels

Massachusetts (MA):
Amy Gelb

Michigan (MI):
Holly VanHoose

Minnesota (MN):
Kevin Kmetz

New Jersey (NJ):
Catherine Porubsky

New York (NY):
Tammie Christian

Ohio (OH):
William Basenback
Lori Gaiser
Briget Forsythe
Elesa Brooks
Angela Golden
Jackie Buydos
Keith Spiva

Pennsylvania (PA):
David Fox
Gina Carter

Rhode Island (RI):
Courtney DiDonato
John Schwartz

Washington (WA):
Amanda Amodemo

Wisconsin (WI):
Mary Elliston

Wyoming (WY):
Danielle Marshall

Recertified CESPs: Congratulations on continuing your commitment!

The following are CESPs who successfully recertified their credential in October/November 2021.

Moving forward we will be sharing those who are approved monthly! CESPs are eligible to recertify during a 10-month period.

Alabama (AL):
Jennifer Motes (Certified in 2015)

Connecticut (CT):
Laura Evangelista

Illinois (IL):
Sherry Healey (Certified in 2015)

Iowa (IA):
Daniel Meier (Certified in 2015)
Kelly Wright
Kari Tietjen (Certified in 2015)
Barbara Tremmel

Louisiana (LA):
Kristi Bourgeois (Certified in 2012!)
Zelie Guidry (Certified in 2012!)

Michigan (MI):
Renee Cencer (Certified in 2015)

New Mexico (NM):
Jaime Luce
Orlinda Charleston (Certified in 2016)

Ohio (OH), Cont:
Karen Gusik
Erika Gossman
Rebecca Thomas
Linda Davis
Greg Fluharty
Phyllis Wurth
Matthew Green
Cynthia Woodall
Marianne Senvisky

Ohio (OH), Cont:
Sherri Schrecengost
Inga Morgan
Melissa Kerr
Charisse Shick
Laura Sanders

Oregon (OR):
Clara Jean Dawson
Marie Gwilliam (Certified in 2015)
Kimberly Mitch (Certified in 2015)

Pennsylvania (PA):
Stefania Eichelberger
Sandra Brozena (Certified in 2015)
Alec Weinstein
Shanquarian Jordan
Jenifer Schaadt

South Dakota (SD):
Chandra Day
Chris Fliginger (Certified in 2015)
Sue Campbell (Certified in 2015)
Maurita Kolousek (Certified in 2016)
Lori Enstad (Certified in 2015)

Tennessee (TN):
Erin Starnes (Certified in 2015)

Virginia (VA):
Robin Haga (Certified in 2015)

Washington (WA):
Joshua Rochester


The Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) credential recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sufficient level of knowledge and skill to provide integrated employment services to a variety of populations with disabilities.

The CESP™ is accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Accreditation for professional or personnel certification programs provides impartial, third-party validation that the program has met recognized national and international credentialing industry standards for the development, implementation, and maintenance of certification programs.

The CESP’s content validity is demonstrated through a comprehensive job analysis conducted and analyzed by experts, with data gathered from stakeholders in the occupation or industry.

Questions about the CESP? Attend a live question & answer session.
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