The Certified Employment Support Professional™ (CESP) certification is working on regular exam development to create a new exam form. This is part of regular exam maintenance as part of a credentialing program. APSE has contracted with PSI testing services to work with their team of psychometricians to lead this process.

Updates for August 2019 Testing

The August 2019 testing will use a new examination form. Updates have been provided about the new content outline and structure of the examination: See more. You can also read about these updates in the updated Candidate Handbook below.

The examination will have delayed scoring so that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can review the examination and statistics. Candidates can expect their results to be mailed to them within 6-8 weeks of testing.

Standard Setting: Request for CESPs to Participate

A criterion-referenced standard setting process is used to establish the passing point for each exam. This means that each candidate’s performance on the exam is measured against a predetermined standard. Candidates are not graded on a curve and do not complete against each other or against a quota.

This passing point is established using a panel of subject matter experts who carefully review each exam question to determine the basic level of knowledge or skill that is expected. The passing point for the exam is established to identify individuals with an acceptable level of knowledge and skill.

We are now looking for at least 12 CESPs to participate in reviewing our new exam form to evaluate its difficulty level.
This is a crucial step in the exam development process, and we need your help!
This will be done via two conference calls:
  • Monday, July 22, 1-5pm EST
  • Tuesday, July 23, 1-5pm EST
You must be available to commit to both days.
Please email ( if you are interested in participating by July 15.
To ensure representation of CESPs by experience and region, we are prioritizing those individuals:
- with less than 5 years of experience in the field of employment supports
- from the western half of the US
You will also need to attest that you are not providing training directly to prepare individuals for the exam and sign both confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements.


Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) Candidate Handbook