California APSE


Established in 2010


Katherine Sanders

Vice President

Pamela Arturi


Rebecca LaBoriel


Carole Watilo

General Board Members

Lara Okunubi
Debra Jorgensen
Vivian Haun
Suad Bisogno
Brittany Robinson
Amanda Timpson


Paula Johnson

Chapter Training & Events

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Policy & Advocacy

Public Policy Liaison
Debra Jorgensen,

California’s Employment First Website

State Employment First Efforts: Legislation (passed)

  • CA Employment First Legislation (passed): AB 1041 was signed into law in October 2013, establishing an Employment First policy for individuals served by the state’s developmental disability system.
  • Committee on Employment First Policy Summary: 2014 summary of AB1041 from the CA State Council on Disabilities and CA Employment Consortium for Youth (CECY).
  • CA Employment First Legislation (passed): AB 287 was signed into law in October 2009, establishing Employment First Committee, and calling for the establishment of an Employment First Policy.
  • CA CIE Blueprint for Change: The CA Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Education, and Department of Developmental Services entered into a joint agreement consistent with the State’s E1 policy to make CIE a priority.

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