Connecticut APSE


Established in 2007


Carrie O’Connell

Kate Travis

Vice President

Fiona Jones


Ellen Econs


Donna Labella

General Board Members

Ryan Aldrich
Amy Blazawski
Michelle Caffe
Terry Ford
Roberta Hurley
Genna Lewis
Karin McMahon
Beth Aura Miller
Valerie Reyher
Marty Zaugg


Kiernan O’Donnell
The Fogarty Center

Chapter Training & Events

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2017 CT APSE Conference Presentations

Keynote – David Hoff
Connecticut Labor Market Information
Effectively Supporting Your Staff Throughout the Community
Entrepreneurship as a Means to Employment First Condensed
Getting Skills Employers Need
Job Development

Policy & Advocacy

Public Policy Liaison
Ellen Econs
Amy Blazawski Contact your Governor
Contact your state governor. Connecticut State Legislature
Find the names and current activities of your state legislators. Find Your Senators
Contact your state’s senators in the U.S. Senate. Find Your U.S. Representatives
Contact your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.