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Utah Board of Directors Roster (click to view)


Amber Marsh

Vice President

Drew Shepherd


Katie Carroll


Aubrey Snyder

General Board Members

Neil Allred
Corban Remund
John Shoemaker
Shannon Wilkins


Katie Taliercio
State of Colorado Office of Community Living

Policy & Advocacy

State Employment First Efforts: Legislation

  • UT 2012 Legislation (passed): HB 296, enacted in March 2012, as a companion to 2011 legislation adding the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.
  • UT 2011 Legislation (passed): HB 240, enacted in March 2011, requiring that employment be the first priority for individuals with disabilities receiving services from the Department of Workforce Services, the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, and the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.
  • UT Employment First 2014 Strategic Plan
  • UT Department of Human Services Employment First website

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