Updated 5/27/2020

We have been closely monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in terms of ensuring the health and safety of job coaches, job developers, and individuals and families receiving services. APSE is working closely in collaboration with other national disability organizations and appropriate Federal government entities to develop and promote a unified and timely response that meets the needs of our most significantly at-risk citizens.

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In the meantime, stay healthy and safe. And don't forget...

🧼Wash your hands

🙅🏽‍♂️Don't touch your face

🤒Stay home if you're feeling sick

We understand that these are difficult times, and we appreciate the efforts of the APSE Community to persevere and continue to promote Employment First principles and values.

#APSE2020 Conference Updates

We're so excited we can finally announce... the 2020 National APSE Conference is going VIRTUAL!

We are grateful for your patience and support as APSE works to transform the 2020 National APSE Annual Conference into an amazing new learning experience.

The success of our virtual event will depend on all of us working together and creating a common space - and purpose - as we build a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive connected virtual experience.

We know you're going to have questions, so please check out the Website by clicking here.

Click on the questions below for more information!

We can't wait to see all of you virtually soon!

Certified Employment Support Professional™ CESP Testing Updates

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The next CESP certification exam will be held June 1-30, 2020.

We understand that during these variable times, comfort levels at testing centers around the US may be different for each individual. We have extended the June 2020 testing for June 1-30. Candidates are able to reschedule for later in the month.

How to reschedule: Click to be taken to a help article.

Please reach out with questions by emailing cesp@apse.org.

  • Current CESPs with a March 31st or April 30, 2020 expiration:
    • Those who apply to recertify by examination within the 30 day grace period after the expiration will test in June 2020. The ESPCC will extend the 3 year certification when credential holders pass the exam, without a lapse in their certified status.
    • Those applying to recertify by continuing education (CE) credits will have applications due within the normal deadline (30-days after expiration). The requirement is to submit 36 CE credits that align with the CESP Content Outline and have the necessary documentation.

PSI has made some changes to their rescheduling guidelines and security procedures, as well as enhanced our current site-cleaning program. Please click the button below to read more on PSI's website.

Face Masks and Gloves: 

  • PSI has relaxed its policy on the use of these based on the recommendations of the CDC. If a candidate chooses to wear a facemask and/or gloves, the candidate will be required to bring those items with them to the test center. PSI will not have an inventory of these items available for distribution to candidates.
  • Facemasks will need to be removed during the check-in process to verify the identity of the candidate, take their photo and allow the Test Center Administrator to ensure there is no writing or hidden materials in or on them.
  • Candidates are responsible for disposing of used facemasks and gloves securely outside of the test center.

Resources for Distance Service Delivery

The Workforce Innovation National Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC) has a special area on its website focused on resources to support vocational rehabilitation professionals during this period of tele-work, tele-health, and possibly diminished services. They will be adding resources daily, so please check back frequently.  Click to access the COVID-19 Resources. Click to access the Resources on Distance Service Delivery.

Users will find: Click each topic for more information (You'll be taken to WINTAC's page)


APSE Education and Resources

As we collectively weigh decisions about whether or not to head to work, including to support others who are working in the community, here are a few guiding questions to keep yourself protected:

  1. Has the client/provider, or anyone in the household, traveled outside the country in the last 30-days and experienced recent shortness of breath, or a noticeable difference in shortness of breath, new or recent cough, or fever?
  2. Has the client/provider, or anyone in the household, had in-person contact with someone that has returned from travel outside the country in the last 30-days that has presented with recent shortness of breath or a noticeable difference in shortness of breath, new or recent cough, or fever?
  3. Within the last 30-days has the client/provider, or anyone else in the household, reported or presented with recent shortness of breath or a noticeable difference in shortness of breath, new or recent cough, or fever?

APSE Online Learning

Free and paid webinars to help you continue working toward Employment First.


If the answer to any of the above questions is yes:

  • Consult with your supervisor to discuss appropriate next steps.
  • Direct client/provider to contact their primary care provider (PCP) for followup. Offer to assist, if this is helpful.
In Addition:
When interacting with clients/providers:
  • Express that you are not shaking their hand and will keep distance to ensure the health and safety of you and them (precaution).
  • If anyone you come in contact with is exhibiting symptoms, keeping a 6 foot distance is recommended.
  • Whenever possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before entering and leaving the home or workplace; if unable to wash hands use hand sanitizer.
  • If there are any questions regarding next steps, consult with your supervisor.
(Special thanks to APSE member, Jennifer White, CEO, Able Opportunities, Inc.,
for sharing this helpful information!)