Meet Dale (Pennsylvania)!

“Dale is considered an essential worker, so his job was not in jeopardy. Dale worked onsite during the statewide Stay-at-Home order.”


Dale is a member of the UPMC Mercy Hospital Clean Team in Pittsburgh, PA. In his position, he has regular duties to perform each day as well as priority duties that his supervisor assigns daily. Dale carries a pager that requires him to answer people’s questions or perform duties outside of his assigned areas.

During COVID, Dale’s essential function is to check all Purell dispensers and glove boxes in the hospital. He must ensure that the items are replenished, and that the dispensers are clean and in good working condition.

Dale has had to adapt to wearing a mask and washing his hands. Dale has found it challenging due to his asthma but has since gotten used to it. Dale now washes his hand sand dons a new pair of gloves after each new duty, especially after cleaning supplies or equipment. Dale follows the new COVID rules of UPMC such as social distancing. Dale found new transportation UPMC Mercy because there was a possibility of contracting COVID-19 on the bus.

Dale continues in his routine duties of cleaning and disinfecting all aspects of assigned areas, including patient rooms, restrooms, public areas, offices, and equipment.

Dale in front of a cart with cleaning supplies and a mask on.
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