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Basic Tactics to Find Companies that Want to Hire People with Disabilities

February 9 2021

Basic Tactics to Find Companies that Want to Hire People with Disabilities offers 6 lessons that cover specific skills and knowledge that assist the job developer in connecting with potential employers in their local area. The course improves business acumen, so they are speaking the same language, resources on how and where to collect local business information and networking opportunities (including during a pandemic) and how to partner with employers to create a sourcing pipeline and 6 other ways to serve employers in order to preserve a relationship with them to leverage for job seekers with disabilities. This course only covers how to serve the employer on behalf of the agency and job seeker. It does not cover how to serve the job seeker.



Developed for:

Employment Support Professionals will learn about business organizations and drivers
Employment Support Professionals develop tools to assist in successful networking activities
Employment Support Professionals understand the value in and learn mechanics of developing long-term relationships with employers


1 hour 40 minutes online video lessons
20 minutes for 4 quizzes
1.5 hour homework assignments that must be completed (submitted to me) to get certificate

4 CEs

Domain 1: Application of Core Values and Principles to Practice
Domain 3: Community Research and Job Development

Deb Russell
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