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Customized Job Development in Our New Reality

As we emerge from quarantine, we can expect a new and highly competitive economy. This webinar will focus on key strategies for maximizing the service we, as Employment Specialists can provide the businesses in our community as they learn to navigate new realities in their hiring practices. This webinar will discuss lessons learned job developing during the Great Recession; and explore ways we can apply those lessons and adapt approaches to capitalize on the opportunity that awaits. Moving forward, Employment Specialists have the chance to work with business professionals to increase the efficiency and productivity of their workforce by looking at task distribution and hiring in new and innovative ways. This webinar will give ideas for preparation and tools for creative job customization and development. Among the tools discussed will be a deep dive into the utilization and full potential of the Job Analysis tool. You will leave this webinar with tangible ways to customize jobs within industries and you will feel confident and equipped with ways to approach key businesses to create new jobs for the future employees you support.

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