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Ethical Foundations of Youth Employment Services, Part 1: Authentic Youth Engagement


As our field expands to include employment services with students and youth, we as professionals are challenged to stretch our knowledge, skills and attitudes in a new direction. When we are providing our best services, ethics plays a part in our service design and decision making. Join this series to explore the nuances of planning and partnering with families while balancing youth autonomy, the ethics of relationship building with youth and the guidelines for electronic communication, social media, consent and so much more. We will explore the Ethical Principles that inform our work and will have the opportunity to brainstorm solutions to ethical dilemmas that have arisen in your work.

The highest performing youth serving projects and initiatives have a robust plan for attracting, engaging and promoting the voice of the young people they work with. This webinar will focus on learning, un-learning and re-learning strategies for developing successful work focused youth (and family) partnerships.

This 90 minute live webinar course outline will be as follows:
Making the Shift the Art and Science of Successful Youth Employment Services Programs
a. When does Vocational Development begin?
b. What do I know about youth development?
c. How do generational nuances affect the way I work with young people?
d. Who are the key stakeholders and partners? How do they define success?

Closing the Vocational Gap
a. Understanding how the intersections of culture, trauma family dynamics influence vocational success
b. Creating strategies for family and stakeholder engagement
c. Initial exploration of the values and ethical principles that guide employment services and identifying potential conflicts

Creating Successful Youth/Adult partnerships
a. What do I need to learn, unlearn and re-learn to provide effective youth employment services?
b. Identifying strategies for promoting mattering and belonging in your work
c. Adoption of Expeditionary Learning/Teaching concepts that promote engaged learning

This training will focus on strategies for developing successful work focused youth (and family) partnerships. Participants will learn key concepts of youth development and generational nuances, strategies to create an environment where youth/adult partnerships are present, and crucial components of value driven youth employment services. And as such, this specific training will educate participants on the following topics related to the CESP™ Content Outline: job seeker strengths, interests, and talents; how to recognize and adapt supports to individual learning styles and needs; and how to collaborate with the employee, employer, and natural supports to ensure successful employment.

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