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Job Developers Custom Webinar Series

On-Demand training - will be available online.

Job Developers Custom Webinar Series1 is 4 hours’ worth of webinars and resources that cover:

  • Why Businesses Are Increasing the Employment of People with Disabilities
  • How to Increase Disability Inclusion 1 hr plus resource manual 5 min quiz
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • 3 Simple Steps to Getting Managers On-Board
    All webinars are designed to model to job developers how to present various information to employers no matter the disability or experience of the job seeker.

Learners will understand the business case related to hiring people with disabilities and how to help employers achieve a disability inclusive workplace. Learners will learn how a process for reasonable accommodations is helpful and review a host of examples that can be shared with timid employers (this objective is rooted in the US law Americans with Disabilities, but much can be applied to other countries). Learners will have a good knowledge of a variety of activities that can be done with managers who are new to supervising and training employees with disabilities.

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