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Job Development Models

Job Development Models
Covid has encouraged Morningside job developers to become even more creative. Come hear about some unique models with which we have had success during Covid _
-Partnering with Parents for job development outcomes- come hear how we are working with parents to develop employment opportunities in their communities!
-Virtual Rotary Partners for Work- the Partners for Work is a well-established program that leads to jobs for students and others with IDD. Come learn about this model and Morningside’s work to make this sustainable during Covid.
-Self Advocates developing jobs- in the “nondisabled’ world people help their friends get jobs all the time- sometimes even earning a bonus for doing so! Why not people with disabilities?
Learning Objectives:
  • You will be prepared to include high-energy and engaged parents in the job development process.
  • You will learn how to use the Partners for Work program virtually in your community.
  • You will practice how to assist your Supported Employment clients to have the “hire a person with a disability” conversation with their employer!

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