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LinkedIn for Job Developers

Sep 9 2021

Summary 4.6 hours, 8 video lessons, 3 quizzes, 1 homework assignment and 3
downloadable resources

Section 1: Set Up (47 minutes of video), Workbook and Quiz 60 minutes total
Key Learnings: How to use LinkedIn to create network of employers and others that
can lead you to employers.

Section 2: Promoting You and Your Services (30 minutes of video), Workbook and
Quiz 45 minutes total
Key Learnings: Creating basic marketing messages to promote CESP value,
promote leveraging people with disabilities in the workforce.

Section 3: Creating and Working Connections (15 minutes), Activity and Quiz 170
minutes total
Key Learnings: Networking via LinkedIn, how to leverage new and current
connections into new areas and industries to expand opportunities for job seekers
with disabilities.

1. Devote 2 hours across 4 weeks to grow LinkedIn connections utilizing scripts and
techniques used by the sales industry. Students must report on results and
demonstrate that the exercise was completed successfully
Additional Resources: Instructions on how to write content for LinkedIn

Content aligns with CESP Domain 3, and quite frankly, Domain 2 should include
teaching job seekers how to use LinkedIn, which is also covered in this course.



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