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Approaching Remote Service Through Discovery Assessment Kits and Person-Centered Services

This presentation is a detailed discussion about Remote Discovery Kits and includes excerpts from interviews with Daniel Harting and Tim Corey, as well as other community providers. Participants can expect to learn how these kits were created, what they are, and how they have been utilized to maintain services and identify employment goals for individuals throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Presenters expand on methods for individualization, as well as current and future applications of Remote Discovery Kits for IE (Individualized Employment) and Transition.
  • Participants will learn what Remote Discovery Kits are and how to create their own.
  • Participants will learn how to implement Remote Discovery Kits to identify employment goals for individuals in IE and Transition.
  • Following the presentation, Participants will receive a PDF example Remote Discovery Kit to use as a resource to create their own kits.
All of the trainings at a wise are aligned with the APSE ethical guidelines. We believe and train on the foundation that everyone can work. It is our responsibility as practitioners and trainers of the work of equity and employment to be creative and tenacious in our approach.

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