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Serving Community Protection Participants- A Unique Service Model for Unique Times

Washington State is a leader in Supported Employment, and we believe in choice for people who experience developmental disabilities. People with IDD who are enrolled in the voluntarily Community Protection Program have very little choice in employment providers. Morningside is on a mission to educate our Provider community about the myths, realities and great success that comes from serving this population of job seekers.
  • You will understand the supports provided to voluntary enrollees in the Community Protection program
  • You will learn how Employment processes are the same and how they are different for volunteer enrollees in the Community Protection Program
  • You will learn how serving volunteer enrollees in the Community Protection Program assisted Morningside’s Pierce County program to stay financially viable during COVID-19
  • You will develop an elevator speech to use with employers when developing for Job Seekers with more intensive support needs
All of the trainings at a wise are aligned with the APSE ethical guidelines. We believe and train on the foundation that everyone can work. It is our responsibility as practitioners and trainers of the work of equity and employment to be creative and tenacious in our approach.

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