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Systematic Instruction: Coaching for Success


Systematic Instruction: Coaching for Success
Introduced in our field over 50 years ago, Systematic Instruction continues to be an essential tool in expanding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It supports those who experience greater challenges in learning who may not be considered "job-ready". In addition, the skills developed in task analysis and individualizing teaching strategies allow for consideration of jobs or tasks that may have been perceived as too complex for supported employment candidates. Emphasis will be placed on strategies to maximize independence and decrease dependence on the trainer.

This 3-day training will cover the components of Systematic Instruction including utilizing a task analysis to prepare the trainer and document progress and address concerns of safety and independent job performance and the importance of accommodating learning style through individualized teaching strategies.

Ashton Steele, Trillium Employment Services
Rosemary Boyle, Employers Overload
Teri Johnson, Independent Consultant/Trainer
Aimee Nelson, Trillium Employment Services
Following successful completion of 3-day training, learners will be able to:
1.) Share understanding of societal impact on lack of expectation, early services and emerging teaching technology.
2.) Recognize importance of task/activity design in accommodating individual need and supporting independence.
3.) Create individualized task analysis to document skill acquisition, demonstrate independence and address safety and/or productivity concerns.
4.) Demonstrate ability to adjust teaching strategies to individual learning styles.
5.) Discuss positive support strategies for successful job retention.

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