Legislative Advocacy Center

APSE’s Legislative Action Center keeps you up to date on proposed policy changes that could impact Employment First – and provides tools and tips to make your advocacy easy and effective.

Current Federal Legislation that APSE Supports

APSE's Employment First Legislation and Policy Update

APSE's E1 Legislation and Policy Update provides a list of state-level Employment First initiatives, organized by type. Links are provided to state legislation, executive orders and policies aimed at increasing competitive, integrated employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
(Last update: Jan. 2020)

APSE's Update on 14(c) and Subminimum Wage

Learn about what is happening federally and at the state level to ensure fair wages for people with disabilities. APSE's Update on 14(c) and Subminimum Wage is updated regularly with the latest data and links to legislation.
(Last update: Dec. 2019)

Employment First – A Guide for Self Advocates and Families

This easy-to-use guide to advocate for Employment First was adapted from the APSE Legislative Toolkit. Thanks to Eric Matthes, President of People First of Washington and former National APSE Board member, for his assistance in creating this resource. The links within the document will take you to publications and resources that help you develop better advocacy strategies to make Employment First a reality.