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APSE Professional Development Series. Program: Emerging Leaders in Employment Services. Duration: 12-months.

Join APSE for an innovative and immersive leadership development program aimed at creating career pathways and succession planning for provider organizations.

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February 2024
April 2024
August 2024

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It's no secret that one of the keys to providing quality employment services and achieving better outcomes is having competent staff. The current system, with its significant investment of time, energy, and dollars is not effectively matched to real world organizational structure or daily operations.

Image of the US with 44% in it. The turnover rate for Direct support workers is 44%.


We are facing a work force crisis, with high turnover in the field. There is a lack of quality management and leadership development. We need to build viable career pathways and capacity to support career professionals in greater stability and continuity through higher retention rates.

Emerging Leaders is a career development program to train, coach, and mentor the correct individuals and managers to enable direct service staff to provide high-quality employment services.

This one-year program aims to create career pathways and succession planning for provider organizations aimed at Mid-Level Managers.

Mid-level managers are key members of an organization. They not only provide stability and continuity through higher retention rates, they are in the unique position to affect all outcomes.

When you join Emerging Leaders, you join a cohort of peers across the nation.

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About the Trainer

Rick McAllister

Rick McAllister, M.Ed., has over 30 years of experience in consulting, training and the day-to-day managing of service-based organizations. He is a nationally recognized speaker on employment strategies, leadership, management, and designing creative and effective organizational structures. He has extensive experience providing technical assistance to private, federal, and state sponsored employment initiatives. Rick has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in applied behavioral analysis. He is the Managing Partner/EVP of Management Analytics Resource Collaborative, LLC, a consulting group based in New Hampshire.

This innovative and immersive leadership development program includes (but is not limited to!) the following multi modes of training:

  • Online training
  • Supported mentorship component pairing mid-level managers and frontline staff (with coaching supports provided by mid-level managers)
  • Central Conference participation
  • Ongoing Community of Practice (across participating states/ providers)
We've modified the curriculum to be delivered remotely and will monitor COVID-19 safety precautions throughout.
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Hear from Lisa (PA)

"The Emerging Leaders program has allowed me to increase my knowledge in the Employment Supports area through networking with other professionals from around the country as well as through the monthly class. It has provoked me to change my methods and increased my confidence in developing employer relationships. It has also shown me what I should be doing as a supervisor that I’m not currently doing. The one in one time I get with Rick is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions that help me be a better leader in the field."

Participants will receive a total of 80 hours of training, coaching, and mentoring over the 12 month period. Flexible payment options available, with the program fees including monthly payment options.

Mid-Level Manager (Emerging Leader): $5000 per year
  • $62 per training hour and includes one-on-ones with the trainer and 2-hour sessions every other week
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