Finding Your Legislators on Twitter!

Legislators on Twitter

Did you know your legislators use social media too?

There are many different communication strategies that you can use as an APSE leader. Choosing the most effective strategy or strategies will be important as you pursue your advocacy work. 

Electronic communications can be efficient mechanisms to connect and rally advocacy allies in short time. More information about effectively using electronic mediums and social media can be found here:

Using Social Media for Advocacy:

U.S. Representatives Twitter Handles:

U.S. Senator Twitter Handles:

We recommend the following guidelines for tweeting members of Congress:

1. Only tweet Senators and Representatives from your state.
2. Be honest with your feelings, but don’t be rude or vulgar.
3. Use the hashtag #EmploymentFirst

Visit APSE’s Legislative Toolkit for more information legislative advocacy approaches and resources to assist you in developing your communications.

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