Meet Frank (Michigan)!

Frank is standing in front of the McDonald's menu sign with a big smile on his face.Frank works at McDonald's in Michigan, starting with cleaning and taking out the trash at McDonald's. Now he is cross-training on the grill and will learn to unload the trucks too!

What has been most HELPFUL for finding or keeping a job in the community?:
The help I got from Preferred to do applications and taking me to interviews. They also job-coached me when I started and when I learned the grill later.

What has been a CHALLENGE in finding or keeping a job in the community?:
It took so long, I had trouble being patient. I need a job close to home because I had trouble riding the bus.

Tell us in a few words or sentences why Employment First matters to you! Why do you work toward people with disabilities working? # Real Work for Real Pay?:
I am more confident now, not as anxious as when I was looking for work. I want to keep this job at McDonald's and work here forever! I don't want to be like other people and not call or show up!

NDEAM poster 2021.
El cartel es de forma rectangular con un fondo de color óxido intenso. Una representación en color crema de los Estados Unidos y sus territorios se extienden a lo largo del cartel y está cubierta con ilustraciones de personas de diversas razas, tamaños y discapacidades con trajes coloridos. Escrito en negro en el centro del mapa está el tema de NDEAM 2021, America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion. Bajo el tema en letras más pequeñas están las palabras Mes de Concientización Nacional del Empleo de Personas con Discapacidades. A lo largo de la parte inferior (de izquierda a derecha) está el logotipo de DOL, seguido del logotipo de ODEP, seguido de las palabras Office of Disability Employment Policy United States Department of Labor. En la esquina inferior derecha está el sitio web de ODEP,, con el hashtagNDEAM debajo.

Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month!




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