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October 8, 2019

Mind Your Business: Business Engagement of the Future

Learn how to “talk business” with employers in order to maximize your influence on the advancement of employment for people with disabilities. Explore messaging, data, and how to tie your organization’s mission to a business partner’s bottom line. By leveraging relationships and expertise, you can transform from being a service provider to an industry expert in the area of inclusive hiring. 

CESP Domain 3 content covered.

December 14, 2015

Employment First

New to the movement? This webinar covers the history and context of the Employment First initiative and how it fits into the goals of people with disabilities and their families.

March 2016 *

Success Stories: What is Possible in the World of Employment First?

Three examples of Employment First practices from around the country show the possibilities and realities of inclusive employment. Rural, urban, and suburban examples highlight programs that have helped people with a wide range of disabilities move from no work or limited work to competitive integrated employment. Service providers, researchers, policy makers, and people with disabilities serve as presenters.

June 2016 *

Funding and Support for Competitive Integrated Employment

Focused on funding streams to support Employment First efforts and creating an infrastructure to provide competitive integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities, this webinar shows how Medicaid funding, state developmental disability services, and foundation and charitable funding can create and sustain competitive integrated employment opportunities. State developmental disability department personnel, providers, and foundation leaders serve as presenters.

February 4, 2015 *

The HCBS Settings Rule and Olmstead: Impacts for Employment and Day Services

Learn how HCBS rules and Olmstead enforcement – combined with WIOA, Executive Order 13658, and state Employment First Initiatives – have created opportunities for significant change in states’ employment and day service systems to focus on competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities. Presentation slides courtesy of Alison Barkoff, director of advocacy, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.

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CESP™ Informational Webinar

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Current CESP™ Professionals – Learn How Easy It Is to Recertify

The CESP™ Certification is valid for a three-year period, during which time the CESP™ certificant must demonstrate a commitment to professional development through participation in continuing education credits. Certificants become eligible to complete their recertification application up to six months prior to its date of expiration. Recently, APSE has updated the CESP™ renewal process by offering the recertification application online.

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