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5 Universal Employment Competencies Webinar Series.

Universal Employment Competencies Webinar Series

Five available (1) hour webinars.

The 5 webinars are a part of a series based on the APSE Universal Competencies. The APSE Universal Employment Competencies are aligned with the CESP Content Outline and the ACRE Supported/Customized Employment Competencies. The webinars will review resources and are provided to improve knowledge of each domain.

Pricing: $10 per webinar for APSE Members; $20 per webinar for Non-Members

Webinar One: Application of Core Values and Principles to Practice 

Webinar Two: Discovery/Individualized Assessment and Employment/Career Planning

Webinar Three: Community Research and Job Development 

Webinar Four: Workplace and Related Supports

Webinar Five: Long-Term Supports and Services

This webinar aligns with the CESP Content Outline. An email of confirmation of attendance will be provided for Continuing Education credits.

Advocacy During Quarantine (and Beyond): Leveraging Social Media to Shape Policy

1 hour Webinar. Free for APSE Members | $20 for Non-Members

Messages on social media will never replace face-to-face interactions between legislators and constituents. However, our advocacy efforts must meet legislators where they are. During this webinar, we will discuss the ways in which social media can elevate our voices to ensure that Employment First principles remain front and center in disability policy efforts.

Julie Christensen, National APSE

Connects to the CESP Content Outline

Moving Mountains: Promoting a Culture of Diversity Where Every Person Belongs

1 hour Webinar. $10 for APSE Members | $20 for Non-Members

As supported employment professionals, we are in a unique role. We have the ability to help employers understand that creating a diverse workforce is more than simply employing someone with a disability. In this session, we will learn how to start a diversity conversation with employers. We will discuss the steps and share resources to move the mountains that prevent the development of the culture of diversity.

Pam Williamson, Southeast ADA Center 
Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

Connects to the CESP Content Outline

Debunking Benefit Myths: A Way Back to Employment

1 hour Webinar. $10 for APSE Members | $20 for Non-Members

One of the most basic reasons why people with mental health issues don’t return to work is the concern that they will lose their benefits. This training will set the record straight. Thousands of individuals are going back to work and either keeping or replacing their benefits. This fact-filled training will help you to engage participants better and give them the solid information they will need to start or keep moving on their journey to employment.

Len Statham, NY Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Connects to the CESP Content Outline

Using the Science of Persuasion in Customized Job Development

1.5 hour Webinar. Free for APSE Members | $10 for Non-Members

Join APSE for a conversation about job development. This training will help familiarize you with the Science of Persuasion and the various persuasion principles to increase your customized job development success. Our trainer, Andrew Harman, is a direct service professional and job developer in the Seattle, Washington area, who has customized jobs for individuals with significant disabilities for many years in a wide variety of different industries.

Andrew Harman, CEO, Supported Solution

Connects to the CESP Content Outline

FREE: From Surviving to Thriving: New Tools/Same Values

1.25 hour Webinar.

Using theories of well-being and positive psychology, Quillo is designed as a dynamic new technology to strengthen relationships and build the culture of the organization. The Quillo team will be sharing key lessons learned from the recent months on how we can go From Surviving to Thriving!
Using daily 1-min videos sent to user's smartphones Quillo supports connected, informed, supported and engaged teams. Employment is one of the key segments in the growing library (800+ videos!).
Presenters: Quillo Team and APSE Board Members

Connects to the CESP Content Outline
Download the slides and transcript from the webinar.

FREE: Align Your Stars: Manage Your Journey Ahead

One (1) hour Webinar.

Across the country, states, agencies, and individuals are rethinking their approach to work and life. We have all been challenged to operate differently, but that requires thinking differently about resources and how we get the work done. Join us for a conversation about how to have more control by aligning partners, resources, and opportunities to manage your journey ahead. Participants will learn about this approach, as well as different opportunities presenting themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenters: Kelly Nye-Lengerman, University of Minnesota and Maya Cox, Public Consulting Group

Connects to the CESP Content Outline
Download the slides and transcript from the webinar.

FREE: Life During COVID-19, Experiences of Advocates

One (1) hour Webinar.

Come join us and listen to self-advocates talk about the impact of COVID-19 and how they are staying connected with supports and their community. Topics include:
* How self-advocates are doing
* What they are doing to stay connected to jobs and employers
* How they feel about information they are getting about the virus
* How are they being supported during this time in daily life and with employment

Presenters: Panel from Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition

Connects to the CESP Content Outline
Download the slides and transcript from the webinar.

FREE: The Move to Virtual Service and Designing Interactive Content for a Range of Customers

One (1) hour Webinar.

Learn successful tips and concrete strategies to support and care for your teams and job seekers during the COVID-19 situation.
* Content for Customers who are Nonlinguistic
* Strengthening Transferable Work Skills from Home
* Content for Job Development Services
* Film, Film, Film, Teaching Tools and Goals
* Group Classes

Jennifer White, ABLE Opportunities Inc.

Doman 3 and 4 CESP Content Covered.
Download the slides and transcript from the webinar.

FREE: The Move to Virtual Service and Supporting Direct Service Staff

One (1) hour Webinar:

Discussion of successful tips and concrete strategies to support and care for your teams and job seekers during the COVID-19 situation to support Employment First. Topics covered include:
* Supporting Direct Service Staff
* Small Steps to Sanity as We Make this Turn
* Strategies for Strong Video/Telephone Connection
* Planning Accessible Service Content
* Strengthening Self Advocacy
* Planning Ongoing Information and Training

Jennifer White, ABLE Opportunities Inc.

FREE: Strategies for Providing Remote Employment Supports

Kessler Foundation: Changing the lives of people with disabilities.

How do we continue to support and promote Employment First during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health crisis? Does this create opportunities for us to try new ways of doing business to assure the health and safety of supported workers, their employers, and direct support workers?

Judy Warth, CESP. Employment Training Specialist with the Center for Disabilities and Development, University of Iowa Healthcare and Iowa APSE.  
Justin Blumhorst, CESP. Operations Leader with Capabilities, Inc. Ohio APSE.
Doman 3 and 4 CESP Content Covered. A PDF of the slides and the transcript are available for download only while watching the webinar (on the left-hand side).
Funding for the Iowa pilot project described in this webinar was provided by the Kessler Foundation. One (1) hour Webinar.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Employment and Disclosure

Disability disclosure is fundamental in seeking reasonable accommodation. Often, we forget that disclosure is a personal decision that can only be made by the person who has a disability. This session will discuss the role of the Supported Employment professional in disclosure. This session will discuss the "hows and whys" of disability disclosure, what is a reasonable accommodation, and how to represent someone in a respectful way.
Presenters: Barry Whaley and Pam Williamson, Southeast ADA Center Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University
Doman 1 and 2 CESP Content Covered. One (1) hour Webinar.

Engaging in Policy and Advocacy

People with disabilities are highly dependent on effective public policies. Have you ever wondered how to be a part of the process of informing the local, state and/or federal policy agenda? Are you engaged as an advocate, but wish to learn how to have a greater impact? This is the webinar for you.
Among topics discussed will be the status of the federal definition of competitive integrated employment, the Home and Community Based Settings (HCBS) rule guiding service delivery for long-term services and supports, and efforts to phase out 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act which allows for people with disabilities to be paid below the Federal minimum wage.
Presenter: Julie Christensen, National APSE and Harkin Institute
CESP Domain 1 content covered. One (1) hour Webinar.

Reverse Job Fair: What Is It and How to Do It

Tired of the same old job fairs? Do you want a new innovative way to have employers meet potential employees? Learn how to creatively engage your local community to implement a reverse job fair.

Presenters: Katie Page, CESP  Aim Services Inc
Brett Bellinger, Liberty ARC
Bridget Kennedy, Wildwood Programs

CESP Domain 2 and 3 content covered. One (1) hour Webinar.

Download resources from the webinar

Mind Your Business: Business Engagement of the Future

Learn how to “talk business” with employers in order to maximize your influence on the advancement of employment for people with disabilities. Explore messaging, data, and how to tie your organization’s mission to a business partner’s bottom line. By leveraging relationships and expertise, you can transform from being a service provider to an industry expert in the area of inclusive hiring. 

Presenter: Ashley Oolman, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

CESP Domain 3 content covered. One (1) hour Webinar.

December 14, 2015

Employment First

New to the movement? This webinar covers the history and context of the Employment First initiative and how it fits into the goals of people with disabilities and their families.

March 2016 *

Success Stories: What is Possible in the World of Employment First?

Three examples of Employment First practices from around the country show the possibilities and realities of inclusive employment. Rural, urban, and suburban examples highlight programs that have helped people with a wide range of disabilities move from no work or limited work to competitive integrated employment. Service providers, researchers, policy makers, and people with disabilities serve as presenters.

June 2016 *

Funding and Support for Competitive Integrated Employment

Focused on funding streams to support Employment First efforts and creating an infrastructure to provide competitive integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities, this webinar shows how Medicaid funding, state developmental disability services, and foundation and charitable funding can create and sustain competitive integrated employment opportunities. State developmental disability department personnel, providers, and foundation leaders serve as presenters.

February 4, 2015 *

The HCBS Settings Rule and Olmstead: Impacts for Employment and Day Services

Learn how HCBS rules and Olmstead enforcement – combined with WIOA, Executive Order 13658, and state Employment First Initiatives – have created opportunities for significant change in states’ employment and day service systems to focus on competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities. Presentation slides courtesy of Alison Barkoff, director of advocacy, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.