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APSE is the organization to turn to for reliable information and opinions on Employment First. Our vast network taps into expertise on everything from navigating policy to the implementation of placement and support models.

Please investigate and explore! Well-informed advocates make our community stronger!

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This blog is a platform for APSE staff, members, and associates to share perspectives on the Employment First movement, what we are doing well, where we can improve, and the opportunities ahead.

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Access to webinars that delve deeply into the issues that impact our community right now. Members receive discounted rates on all webinars and priority access to free webinars.

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APSE leaders design training and professional development opportunities to engage business leaders who currently or are interested in employing a diverse workforce while focusing on cutting-edge practices to build more inclusive workplaces.


This is the place to turn for position papers, APSE statements and letters, helpful publications, and the tools you need to be better-informed about inclusive employment, including an archived copy of Olmstead guidance. If you are an individual with a disability, a student with a disability, or a provider or employer, we have the information you need to feel confident and comfortable in your work and advocacy efforts. We’re also proud to provide a special new section with LinkedIn on landing on great job! And, if you want insight into the core of Employment first, please read our success stories!


For members of the media, we’ve placed our contacts and statements in one place. Please be in touch with any question