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APSE Professional Development Series: 2020 Application Closed!

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Program Emerging Leaders in Employment Services. Duration 12 months.


Jenny Stonemeier, Executive Director, National APSE
Office: 301-279-0060 or jstonemeier@apse.org

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It's no secret that one of the keys to providing quality employment services and achieving better outcomes is having competent staff. The current system, with its significant investment of time, energy, and dollars is not effectively matched to real world organizational structure or daily operations.

As such, there is a lack of quality management and leadership developent in the field, resulting in disappointing outcomes, dissatisfied stakeholders, frustrated funding sources and demoralized staff. The APSE Professional Development Program for Emerging Leaders in Employment Services exemplifies a paradigm shift by seeking to direct resources into a network of Emerging Leaders who have the capacity to change service delivery culture by growing staff and focusing on improved employment outcomes.


Image of the US with 44% in it. The turnover rate for Direct support workers is 44%.


We are facing a work force crisis, with high turnover in the field. There is a lack of quality management and leadership development. We need to build viable career pathways and capacity to support career professionals in greater stability and continuity through higher retention rates.


This is an innovative and immersive leadership development program aimed at creating career pathways and succession planning for provider organizations. The program’s focus is to train, coach and mentor the correct individuals and managers to enable direct service staff to provide high quality services. The two critical groups that we focus on are:

Mid-level managers (emerging leaders); Frontline staff (rising stars).
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Pre-Recorded with APSE Executive Director Jenny Stonemeier and Subject Matter Expert Rick McAllister


Mid-level managers are key members of an organization. They not only provide stability and continuity through higher retention rates, they are in the unique position to affect all outcomes. Each "Emerging Leader" will identify a group of "Rising Stars". Our program will enroll the following:

10 emerging leaders for 80 hours of training/coaching over 12-months. 50-100 Rising STars for 40 hours of training.


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Two women looking at a paper together.

The 12-month program includes (but not limited to) the following multi modes of training:

  • In-person training
  • Online training
  • Supported mentorship component pairing mid-level managers and frontline staff (with coaching supports provided by mid-level managers)
  • Central Conference participation
  • Ongoing Community of Practice (across participating states/ providers)
We've modified the curriculum to be delivered remotely and will monitor COVID-19 safety precautions throughout.