Hillary Clinton Calls for the End to SubMinimum Wage

APSE Applauds Hillary Clinton for Calling for the End to Subminimum Wage and Calls On Other Candidates to Do the Same

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the first presidential candidate to support ending the subminimum wage for people with disabilities. In her remarks calling for the end to “tiered” wage systems, Secretary Clinton stated: “When people talk about raising the minimum wage, they don’t always talk about the legal loopholes that we have in it and I want to get rid of those and I want to get rid of that for people with disabilities too.” Video of her full remarks can be found here. APSE would like to thank Secretary Clinton for this strong stand for disability rights, which aligns with APSE’s 2009 call for the phase out of subminimum wage.

APSE is calling on all other presidential candidates to also publicly support ending the discriminatory practice of paying citizens with disabilities less than minimum wage.

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