Employment First Map

See what’s happening with Employment First activities across the country

This map is a resource for everyone involved in the Employment First movement including: individuals with disabilities, family members, employers, employment providers, state vocational rehabilitation staff, state developmental disability staff, educators, policymakers, researchers, and general community members.

There is an Employment First effort taking place in every state. States engage in Employment First initiatives in different ways. Currently, 31 states have passed Employment First Legislation, 16 states have Employment First Executive Orders, and 32 states have State Agency Administrative policies/regulations in place - all in support of Employment First. It is common for states to have a combination of legislation, Executive action and/or State Agency policy in place.

National APSE does not specifically endorse any particular approach to advancing Employment First. What is most important is the extent to which cross-systems collaboration is happening within states in a meaningful way and is leading to improved employment outcomes for people with disabilities.


Employment First – A Guide for Advocacy

Check out APSE's Legislative Advocacy page where you can find tools to continue start, continue, or grow your Employment First toolkit!

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