2022 National APSE Board Nominee: Justin Blumhorst, Ohio

photo of Justin Blumhorst

2022 National APSE Board of Directors At-Large Candidate

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The area(s) that best represents your current position/experience:

Service Provider or Manager

Describe your history/nature of involvement/interest in promoting competitive integrated employment in your state. Additionally, explain why you are passionate about competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities (no more than 500 words):

I have served on the Ohio APSE board since September of 2016. During this time, I have served as Secretary of the board and Co-President. With this, I have pushed for the elimination of 14(c) subminimum wage in Ohio through advocacy and subcommittee work. I work at an agency that is the largest vendor for Ohio’s vocational rehabilitation agency, where I oversee the operations of the agency. We place over 2,000 people with disabilities per year in competitive integrated employment. I am passionate about competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities because I get to see the effects of it every day with this experience.

What relevance does/should APSE and its chapters/members have in national and state conversations regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion (no more than 350 words)?

APSE is the leader in competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities. With this, APSE should lead in conversations when it comes to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the employment world both nationally and locally. We should be strong advocates whenever the conversation of equity, diversity, and inclusion is discussed when it comes to competitive, integrated employment.

What skills, knowledge or lived experience do you have that will contribute to strengthening and growing the financial health of APSE and promoting its mission to advance employment and self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities (no more than 350 words)?

In serving on the National APSE board for three years already, I feel that I can really hit the ground running when it comes to the work of the board. I feel that my experience as a provider of employment services can help bring the necessary boots-on-the-ground expertise to the conversations as we have them. I feel that being involved in the fiscal end of the provider world pays dividends when it comes to overseeing the financial health of APSE. I feel that my work at my agency helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to advancing employment and self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities.


Justin Blumhorst is a professional with over 20 years experience in the field of services for people with disabilities. Justin started as a Direct Service Professional and is now the Operations Leader of Capabilities. Capabilities assists over 2,300 people a year work towards their goal of competitive, integrated employment. Justin helps with the oversight and quality of services that Capabilities provides along with leading external relationships for the agency. Justin has served on both Ohio APSE and national APSE boards.

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