Meet Keshod (Missouri)!

"The job I do is very important to the hospital. My team members count on me to be at work and do the best I can do."


Keshod works at Hannibal Regional Hospital in Hannibal, Missouri. Keshod was employed after his high school graduation in environmental services at Hannibal Regional Hospital, full time with benefits. This position was a result of his high school work experience program.

During the pandemic, one change that has occurred is when Keshod and his co-workers take their breaks and eat lunch. "Before COVID... I enjoyed talking with others and seeing a lot of people. Now employees social distance and are eating in a room that is for employees only. I miss being in the public and having the opportunity to talk with and see others. Before COVID, I was already washing my hands a lot and wearing protective clothing when entering isolation rooms. It has really not been all that bad."

Keshod shares the importance of wearing a mask, saying "I believe the most helpful thing that has been done is to require everyone to wear a mask. This makes me feel safer."

Keshod wearing a mask in front of Hannibal Regional Hospital.
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