White Papers, Position Statements and Response to Public Comment

APSE’s Pathway to Competitive Integrated Employment: A Discussion Guide to Assist Leadership examines what agencies need to think about to move towards competitive integrated employment while addressing 14(c) in Group Supported Employment and Day Habilitation programs.

Read APSE's white paper on the Trends and Current Status of 14(c). (7/1/23)

Read APSE's letter to the Senate HELP Committee leadership regarding the intent to reauthorize WIOA. (4/8/21)

Read the summary of APSE's Impact of COVID-19 on Disability Employment Services and Outcomes: Results from a National Provider Survey (12/1/21)

Read APSE's response to RSA on the proposed guidance that clarifies the Department of Education’s policy on the criterion for an integrated employment location in the definition of “competitive integrated employment,” for purposes of the State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services program. (4/8/21)

Read APSE's response to ODEP on the proposal to move the Ticket to Work program from SSA to DOL. (11/13/20)

Letters of Support for Federal Legislation (118th Congress)

Last Update: March 30, 2023

Status of State Legislation

For a list of state legislation that is supported by APSE, visit our State Legislation page.

Check Out APSE's Action Center

Click HERE to take action on current advocacy campaigns. You can also search Federal and State legislation based on topics of interest to Employment First.

Legislative Strategies

Legislative advocacy is about making your voice heard and taking action that involves acting on behalf of yourself or others. Legislative advocacy can involve working personally with legislative staff to bombarding legislators with phone calls, letters and tweets about a particular issue. Legislative advocacy is not a one-time thing!

In general, we recommend several different types of legislative advocacy when working with elected officials:

APSE Day at the Statehouse

Organizing an APSE Day at the Capitol is an effective way that a few APSE chapters have utilized to raise awareness and engage with stakeholders. Contact info@apse.org to learn more!

Take Your Legislator to Work Day

The objective of the Take Your Legislator to Work Day is to raise awareness about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities and to show our legislators “Real Jobs with Real Pay!”

Meeting Policymakers

The most effective way to build connections with your legislators is to go on a personal visit to the office.

Building and Working in Coalitions

For more information about working with and developing coalitions, review the Bolder Advocacy Coalition Checklist here.

APSE's Employment First Legislation and Policy Update

APSE's E1 Legislation and Policy Update provides a list of state-level Employment First initiatives, organized by type. Links are provided to state legislation, executive orders and policies aimed at increasing competitive, integrated employment outcomes for people with disabilities.
(Last update: Feb. 2021)

APSE's Update on 14(c) and Subminimum Wage

Learn about what is happening federally and at the state level to ensure fair wages for people with disabilities. APSE's Update on 14(c) and Subminimum Wage is updated regularly with the latest data and links to legislation.
(Last update: Jan. 2021)

Competitive Integrated Employment Data Fact Sheets

Employment outcomes for people with disabilities vary by state. Having up to date information is important when approaching legislators. APSE provides available PDFs for download, sharing, or printing. Prepare to tell the Employment First story!
(Last update: 2020)

Competitive Integrated Employment Data Fact Sheets

State Disability Employment Snapshots

Be prepared with data. Using the data from the 2019 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium / American Community Survey (2018), APSE has prepared state data snapshots available PDFs. These 1-page resources are useful when sharing information about Employment First in your state!

State Disability Employment Snapshots

Public Policy Priorities

Read more about APSE's Public Policy Priorities and efforts, updated annually and as the year evolves. Check it out for more resources about specific issues.

APSE's Public Policy Priorities

Employment First – A Guide for Advocacy

Check out APSE's Legislative Advocacy page where you can find tools to continue start, continue, or grow your Employment First toolkit!

The capitol and words "Legislative toolkit".

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