Meet Lorie (Arizona)!

Arizona APSE

Lorie Sandaine is an Arizona APSE leader and CESP credential holder. She and moved to Tucson Arizona from Washington state. In this APSE podcast, Lorie and National APSE's Kari Tietjen speak about AZ APSE, NDEAM, and how Lorie found inspiration from her mother to do this work.

Luis Gallegos works at Ajo Bikes. Lorie shared Luis' story during the podcast! Luis participated in Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) where he did a work-based learning experience during the summer at his community employer, Ajo Bikes.Hispanic young man standing in a warehouse aisle of bicycle parts smiling.

Ajo Bikes appreciated his work so much they hired him at the end of his work experience. This work placement focused on his interests and abilities so it was a successful job match. Helping Luis develop relationships with his co-workers has been most helpful in him being successful at maintaining his job. They all want him to succeed and consider him part of the team.

Luis continues to go to school and work. Luis had to learn to increase his work stamina and prepare for both working and going to school. Luis received support from his family, school, employer, and employment specialist and was encouraged to take breaks and participate in self-care so he can achieve a work-life balance.

"Stories like Luis inspire me. Luis reminds us that work provides a purpose and places individuals in an environment where their capabilities are recognized. They just need the opportunity!"

NDEAM poster 2021.
El cartel es de forma rectangular con un fondo de color óxido intenso. Una representación en color crema de los Estados Unidos y sus territorios se extienden a lo largo del cartel y está cubierta con ilustraciones de personas de diversas razas, tamaños y discapacidades con trajes coloridos. Escrito en negro en el centro del mapa está el tema de NDEAM 2021, America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion. Bajo el tema en letras más pequeñas están las palabras Mes de Concientización Nacional del Empleo de Personas con Discapacidades. A lo largo de la parte inferior (de izquierda a derecha) está el logotipo de DOL, seguido del logotipo de ODEP, seguido de las palabras Office of Disability Employment Policy United States Department of Labor. En la esquina inferior derecha está el sitio web de ODEP,, con el hashtagNDEAM debajo.

Disability Employment Awareness Month is over, but we want to continue sharing stories!



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